How many people in a Bridal Party can you accommodate at once?

We can easily accommodate 10 people.   We close the salon for the exclusive use of the Bridal Party.

How often does waxing have to be done?

It takes approximately 6 to 10 weeks for new hair to grow from the root to the surface of the skin.  Regrowth will always vary due to different hairs being in different growth phases.

What does epilation mean?

Hair removal by the roots is technically known as epilation.

I have never had a bikini wax treatment, is it very painful?

There is an unpleasant sensation but we have pioneered a revolutionary technique that we call team-work waxing.  Our clients report that for the first time in their experience they are pleasantly surprised at the minimal level of discomfort.  In addition after your first treatment, the area where unwanted hair has been removed will become much less sensitive.

Is hair removal by waxing permanent or is it just the same as shaving?

Some clients report that hair growth stops after several waxing treatments When hair is removed by waxing, the entire hair with the root is removed which means there will be no stubble.  Shaving only cuts the hair which produces stubble in a short time.